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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Freak Out

I guess I'm more emotional than I've realized. Yesterday, I went with C to run some errands. He reeled me in by suggesting we go to lunch and then mentioning he had a few stops first. I was fine with it. It's been so damn hot, I just cant get anything done outside and I really wasn't feeling like cleaning the house. We didn't make it to lunch until 2:15 or so. I was starving, having not eaten since 8:00am. So, lunch takes forever and when I finally get the salad I ordered, it was all wrong. It took me a minute to figure out that she had given me the dressing that I wanted on the side and put other dressing (that I had said I didn't want) on it. Gross. So I send it back and she says she can fix it quickly. I'm doubtful considering it already took about 45 min to get the damn thing, but I give her the benefit of the doubt. a few minutes later, she plops down a new salad and walks off. Obviously they had salvaged whatever chicken they could from the original salad, because it was covered in that dressing and this salad didn't even have the stuff it should have. I got pissed and actually started to cry! Poor C. I was like I want to leave! Get her attention, I want to see the manager. Of course by this time he was almost done with his meal anyway. I'd like to say the manager was apologetic, but he sort of acted like it was unavoidable?!? I mean seriously, I know I overreacted, but this would have pissed me off, pregnant or not. I just wouldn't have cried. We didn't pay for the salad, but don't worry, they made sure C paid for his meal and still charged us for the seltzer waters at over $2 a piece. C got me a Greek salad from my favorite pizza place on the way home. I'm definitely going to write a letter to their corporate office. It's little things like that that I think make or break a place, and when it's a chain, they should go out of their way to make things right. Am I insane????

On a whole other note...I'm feeling the baby a lot more and I cannot wait to find out the sex, three more weeks!!! 15 weeks tomorrow!!! Wooohoooo!!!!


  1. oh that would have pissed me off too! How rude of them to just grap the chicken from the other salad and putting on the new one. Good on you for complaining and write that letter just to tell them what kind of a service they are providing!!

    wooow for 15 weeks!

  2. I absolutely think you should write corporate...I do that ALL the time and it makes a difference! There's NO reason for that attitude and basically insulting you like you are stupid enough to fall for the 'fix' that still has the DRESSING! Duh! I hate it when people treat me like I'm an idiot.

    Hooray for 15 weeks!!! Hooray!!!!