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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

30% off

I also wanted to share this with everyone. I'm planning on getting some Christmas shopping done!

Give and Get is Here!: "Enjoy 30% off from November 11-14 at Gap, Banana Republic and Old Navy plus we'll make a 5% donation to a non-profit."


  1. I got one of these as well...I want to buy stuff for Clover, but since he is so close to getting here I am afraid of buying clothes that are too big LOL. He has a good wardrobe, but I can buy for friend's kids instead LOL

  2. hope you are doing better. sounds like you had quite a scare this week.
    hope you had a great time at your shower
    you are only 58 days away from seeing your baby!! how exciting!

  3. Hi there stopping by from ICLW!!! Thank you so much for your sweet comments...I have went back a few post and see you have been through alot but am so happy to see Jackson is doing great...Very sweet picture of him:) I will start following ur journey and wish you the best...Take Care!!!