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Saturday, August 28, 2010


I'm so worn out. I over did it yesterday and now I'm paying for it. I really thought that I wasn't doing too much, but I had a meeting with some perspective tenants, did a whole lot of stair climbing and standing around and then of course didn't make it home until 7:30pm. By the time I made dinner it was 9:30. And of course C is still sick so he couldn't help. Oh yeah and did I mention the argument? We had a huge argument regarding a decision that I made and I had to use the last of my energy to fight it out. (For the record, I made a good decision, I just may not have gone about it in the way that he wanted me to!) Oh, and when I woke up to pee in the middle of the night, I had a ridiculous sore throat on the right side. I'm pretty sure this is from the post nasal I've developed from my unrelenting allergies, but I'm praying I don't get whatever C has.

Anyway, today, I have been sitting on the couch relaxing and working on paperwork for the new tenant, I'm hoping that the pain by my belly button (which is back) and the sore throat get the hell outta here with a little rest!

20 weeks 4 days
AND....I took a belly pic yesterday!!! Here it is!

I was wearing these damn corduroy pants that seamed like a great idea until I got to the meeting and it was about 10 degrees hotter there! I was very sweaty!


  1. Look at you - you're adorable! I'm so sorry that you're feeling so rough, but you are just so cute! Please get to feeling better soon!

  2. Thanks Angie! You're so sweet! I feel gigantic for being 20 weeks, but when I see the picture, I guess I'm not as big as I thought.

  3. You look great and the u/s pic of your baby are just so cute!!! I like how he is all shy and hiding.
    Hope you are suffering from allergies rather than a flu/cold whatever C is having. Make sure to take it easy today and have plenty of rest!!

  4. I tried to comment last night to your last two posts and for some reason, my computer or Google wouldn't let me click in the comment box. Weird! (For the record, it's doing it again, so who knows if you'll get this?!) BUT...made sure I kept your post as unread because I wanted to be sure and let you know how sweet that belly picture is!!! Hating the sore throat for you (especially the one-sided thing--SO annoying!) because whether it's a head cold or allergies, it STINKS!!! Especially when you can't really even treat the symptoms all that much!

    I don't think you look big at ALL! I saw that picture and thought, "Oh my, I must stop eating all the caramels!!!!" I think you look FABULOUS!

    And I laughed at the cords comment. That's the stuff that happens to me ALL. THE. TIME!