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Sunday, August 15, 2010


So, tomorrow is the day that I've been anxiously awaiting! Our anatomy scan and the meeting with a perientologist. Now, the nervousness is setting in. I'm praying that everything looks great and that all we hear tomorrow is good news. My OB really doesn't believe in extra ultrasounds, etc, in the beginning, but now, we will set up a plan with the perientologist for the next 21 weeks.

I'm praying for all happy news and anxiously awaiting the gender!!!!!


  1. Praying it all goes well and excited to hear about Team Pink or Blue also!!! Were 18 tomorrow and see our peri, but think he'll have us wait until next time (20) do do the anatomy scan. We see him so often anyway, there probably wouldn't be that many suprises!

    Hooray for good ultrasound pictures, too! Hope you get lots!!!

  2. Sending you prayers and positive thoughts for a GREAT u/s!! Cannot wait to hear the happy update and know what are you having!!! big hugs xxx

  3. I can't, can't, can't wait for an update! I'm positive that today is going/went/will go great!

  4. Good luck tomorrow! I'm jealous b/c ours isn't until Monday! I've been trying to make a guess for you, but I'm having trouble. I think you're going to have a little boy in there, so I can't wait to hear the reveal!

    (I think we're having a boy, too. They saw boy parts at the NT scan, so we'll see if that holds true...)

    FX for a good u/s, good pics, and a good appt with the peri!