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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

17 Weeks 2 Days...

We're at 17 weeks 2 days!!!! It's amazing, because in someways it feels like it's going so fast, but in other ways, I wish I had a fast forward button so that I could have this baby with me safe and sound, and it feels like this is dragging.

Some updates-
(Some people seem to do these and I thought it might be cool to start....I'm always late to the game!)

How far along: 17 Weeks 2 Days
Weight: - 1lb (lost 3lbs in the beginning and now I've gained 2lbs)
Maternity Clothes: Yes
Stretch Marks: None, yet.
Sleep: Not so great. I get up at least 3 times a night to pee and usually have trouble getting back to sleep.
Memorable Moment This Week: The baby is much more active and stronger which is awesome!
Movement: Still not strong enough for C to feel, but I know it will be soon.
Food Cravings: No, not really.
Gender: Cannot wait until the 16th!!!
What I'm Looking Forward To: My anatomy scan!!
Feelings: Some days are great and others are filled with worry. There are so many things that can go wrong that I had NO idea about with Wyatt. Hell, we're not even anywhere near 100% why we lost Wyatt. It never fails that at some point in the day, I become horrified and the names of all these things start running through my head. I start to check off the ones I've eliminated and then I start to worry about the ones still lingering on my long list. This seems to happen a lot at night when I can't fall back asleep. Deep breath. 
So, C wants me to stop working. I will admit that this summer has been outrageous heat wise. And being pregnant that just makes everything worse. Nothing like gardening in ridiculous humidity with the sun blazing down on you! YUCK. My goal is to make it to September. We'll see. I'm not working everyday (we also own rental buildings and I deal with these, so that is my other job.) and I'm not even working full days, especially not in the heat.


  1. I'm in the minus for weight too!!! Went down 7 and have picked 4-5 back up, but still in the minus. Hard to believe, though, because the 'girls' are WAY bigger and so is my tummy! I don't know where THAT weight is going!!

    I know what you mean about it seeming like it's going by so fast and yet--DRAGGING! It seems like January will NEVER come...and yet, it's already AUGUST!!!

  2. Sounds like you're coming along well - it's easy to keep looking forwards with fear, but if you look back you've come a long way already, and done so well - well done you! xxx

  3. Congrats on your first pregnancy update post! Everything seem to be going well and I cannot wait to hear all about the BIG u/s on the 16th!! Your job sound so beautiful and to be working outside must be 100 times better for you than being closed in a stuffy office all day long. I can understand your hubby wanting you to take it easy during the really hot months though.Make sure you keep on drinking that water!!! :)))

  4. I so can't wait to hear about your u/s! You are in my prayers!

  5. Yep~ fast forward and slow motion...pregnancy after loss feels like both to me. Days seem to drag and then WHAM it is week 15? How did that happen.

    Wishing you more peace filled pregnancy days ahead.

  6. Thank you everyone. I like that "fast forward and slow motion". So true!

  7. So glad everything is going well!! I would love to feature your success story on my blog! Here's the link to the questions:
    Thanks in advance!