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Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Right now, I'm listening to Lux snore. One of my favorite sounds! She's home and feeling WAY better! I am just thanking god that C found that inhaler and that we brought her to the other hospital. I think they were amazing. She's still a little groggy, and exhausted, but she got up and ate dinner and seemed really excited about it, so that's great! By the time C went to pick her up (he wouldn't let me go, because I've come down with his damn cold!), her heart rate had been holding steady at about 100ish. Which they said is normal for her. They shaved the tops of her paws for the heart monitoring, and a part of her leg for her IV. They say she won't have any long term effects from this.  I can't wait to spend the day with her tomorrow, as C is headed to deal with the contractor at one of our buildings and I'm staying home to try to get rid of this damn cold.

I forgot to write that I went to the OB yesterday, and everything was great. He said the Peri had some other tests he wanted me to do- lupus anticoagulant and Anticardiolipin Antibodies. I went today and had the blood drawn and then goggled them. I'm really surprised that my IVF Doctor didn't run these. They would seem like pretty standard tests to run after a loss like I had, and they ran a million tests! I'm hoping they come back negative. It makes me nervous that I should be on a higher dose of Lovenox and baby aspirin, which is what they said they'd do if they come back positive. Hopefully, the tests will come back quickly. I might call tomorrow and just ask if they have a time frame on them. 

And now it's time to sleep! I'm in the guest room with Lux lounging and taking up her 75% of the bed..... 


  1. thank GOD your husband found that inhaler. poor little puppy. im glad she is alright.

  2. p.s. they dont do those tests without people asking for them or a good reason because they are expensive. glad you had them run though!

  3. Hurray for snoring dogs taking up the bed!

  4. Great news on Lux! I am so glad all turned out ok in the end and that she is recovering so fast. She sounds like a super strong dog!

    Do keep us posted on those results, sending you positive energy whilst you wait!

  5. Welcome home Lux! I'm so happy she's doing well.

  6. I am so glad Lux is feeling better *hugs*

  7. Thanks for the comment! Belated congratulations on your successful IVF.

  8. I hope your puppy's recovery will be fast and smooth. Such a cute face she has, I love her!

    Fingers crossed for fast and good test results. I hope they can give you the answers soon.
    Thank you so much for your support and for cheering me on this jorney. It's great to feel I am not alone. I am sorry you had to go through so much. I am sorry about your loss.
    I am very happy for your pregnancy and wishing you the very best on this journey, I will be following. Your story is inspiring!

  9. Oh my word. Just catching up on blogs and my heart just jumped in my throat. I'm so glad Lux is ok!!! We had a scare the other night with our pups and them getting into my iron pills (iron is very toxic to dogs!) and having to do the whole inducing vomit and praying they'd be ok. They are ok, but whew.

    Thanking God and goodness that your sweet pup's doing ok!