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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Busy week!

I know I've been a slacker lately. I have many reasons, but none of them are very good! I think the main reason is that I always blogged at night in bed and now with my big belly, I really can't seem to find a position that I can type in.

Soooo...things are great here! I had an ultrasound on Monday which was 34 weeks and he looks fabulous. He's a big boy now...5 lbs 4 oz!!! Wooohooo! The Peri wants my OB to induce. I had thought this would be par for the course when I first got pregnant, but honestly I haven't had the conversation with my OB. The Peri said around 39 weeks. Sounds good to me. I had an OB appointment on Tuesday, but he had to run out right when I got there to go deliver, so I'm going in tomorrow morning. For some reason, an induction actually makes me excited. Maybe because it'll give me an exact date?

The nursery is looking amazing. I'm so happy with it. I promise pics, but we still have to put up his name and the decals, they just came today, then I'll take the pics.

AND...Yesterday, we bought a new SUV!!! We went looking on Monday, and found an amazing deal on what is seriously my dream SUV. Someone traded in a 2010 with only 4700 miles on it because she had really wanted the Ivory interior instead of the almond. Soooo, we got an amazing deal on a practically brand new vehicle that we wouldn't have otherwise been able to afford!!! I promise pics when we get it. I couldn't find the title for my car, so I had to apply for a new one. I'm hoping we'll get the whole thing worked out next week. YAY!!!!

I just wanted to mention one of my best friends. Last year she had a miscarriage at about 7 weeks. It was in January, and she's been plagued with issues since then. I am so happy for her and her husband...she texted me a picture of a positive pregnancy test on Monday!!!! She's keeping it hush until Christmas when she'll tell her family. Ironically, that's when she told them last year, too. I just wanted to ask everyone to say a prayer for her and that baby growing inside her. She's an amazing person and she's made this last year and this pregnancy easier for me. She's ALWAYS there for me. I know how much she wants a baby and I'm praying that this is it for her.


  1. I just can't believe you are so very close!! 5+ lbs - that's so amazing! What a big boy - I can't wait to see the nursery!

  2. Girl, you are cracking me up!! We bought new cars on the same day too!!!!!!

  3. Do you feel like we're so close yet so far? The next two weeks will likely be time to finish up the nursery (and also school)! Can't wait!

    Glad to hear you're just baking away over there!