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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Still here!!! Update!

First an apology...I am SO far behind reading and commenting on everybody's blogs! I'm sorry, and I swear I'll catch up.

I want to wish everyone a belated Merry Christmas. We had a nice holiday. Just us. It was quiet. I really missed the big family gathering feeling, but C tried very hard to make it special. It was the first Christmas since I lost my grandmother, Mema, and I was pretty emotional. We always spent Christmas Eve at her house and even though the turkey had been cooked days earlier, the ham was super dry, and the cherry cheesecake was ALWAYS burned, there was no place like Mema's for Christmas!!

I'm doing well...38 weeks 3 days today. Last Monday (37 weeks) we had an ultrasound and he looks great! A big boy! He was 7lbs 4oz!! And he was in the 66th percentile. I've been an emotional wreck since last week's appointment. Dr. P made some bizarre comments that I of course went over and over and drove myself crazy about. When he checked my cervix at 37.3 weeks, I was still very high and firm. The week before, he'd gone from "we'll set your induction for sometime during the 39th week" to "let's see where you're at and hope you're cervix is cooperating". So last week, (37.3 weeks) he says that I'm definitely not in a favorable position for an induction. He then adds in that I have a very high cervix (I knew this, but never thought of it as an issue) and I have a small pelvis. He said that he's just not sure I won't end up with a c-section no matter what. He said Id be much better off if I let my body get closer on its own. Although I was surprised to hear this, I just wanted to make sure he wasn't going to let me go past my due date. So I asked and he said well, not by more than a few days. Then he went into the we'll see next week mantra.

I freaked out when I got home and pretty much all week. I'm crazy right now anyway, and I feel like I'm so close. I'm deathly afraid that one extra day could be a bad idea. I know it's not rational, but it's my reality!

So, this week, C came to my appointment. Thank god, because he's much better at asking all the right questions.and he was awesome. I was still high (but not quite as high) and I was tight, but we discussed it and given the pros and cons of my situation, we've decided to induce next week no matter what. I'm scheduled to go in on Thursday January 6th @ 4:00pm!! Yay!! We originally were shooting for Monday, but the hospital schedule is very busy and he suggested Thursday. I think that it will also give my body a little more time to get on board!

I'm so excited. I cannot wait to meet baby Jackson.

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  1. Girl, I am RIGHT THERE WITH YOU!!!!! I don't care if it's irrational or not...I also feel like that one 'extra' day could be the wrong decision and that thought TERRIFIES me. You are certainly not alone in that.

    SOOOOO...if he hangs out until induction, our boys will be born during the same week! Luke is a big boy as well --- 7 lbs at 37w3d and in the 64th%--which is pretty tremendous for me since I'm barely 5 feet tall, hardly 97 pounds when not pregnant and Luke is already about a half pound more than Matthew was at birth and he's like 4 weeks younger!!! I can only imagine if he stayed put for 40!!!

    NEXT WEEK!!!!! Hard to believe, isn't it????

  2. You're going to have a baby this week!!! I'm so excited for you!
    I hope your body gets ready and everything goes smoothly. Just in case, eat your fiber and get some drawstring pants! Good luck Good luck Good luck!!!!

  3. ACK!!! How exciting!!

  4. Hi!!! Just checking in to say GOOD LUCK TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!