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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Dates and other stuff

I asked the OB about the induction and he responded with a rather odd answer. I'm wondering if it has something to do with him and the Peri and maybe a little competition?? Maybe it was the way I put it?

Me- "So, I saw Dr. H on Monday and he asked if we'd set a date for my induction? I told him we hadn't discussed it yet. Are you planning on inducing? Dr. H said he was going to put a note for you with the ultrasound results."

Dr. P- "Well, that won't be until 39 weeks. And we need to make sure your cervix is cooperating. I'll start internal exams at 36 weeks. But it's not until 39 weeks."

Me- "Right, he said 39 weeks, I think he just wondered if we'd discussed it and had a date."

Dr. P- "Well, it's not until 39 weeks."

My guess is that in some ways Dr. P gets annoyed with Dr. H who just seems to swoop in and bark orders. That said, um, 39 weeks is kinda freaking close!!! It's not like I'm only 20 weeks here. I'll be 35 weeks on Monday! That gives me 4 weeks to the big 39 weeks. I'm a planner, I like to know. He softened up a bit and said that I could easily go before that or there could be other reasons to induce me sooner. He said that we'll shoot for the 3rd or 4th. Ya know, assuming my cervix cooperates!

I am so excited! So excited!

I promise to take pics this weekend of the nursery, and we're putting up the tree Saturday.

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  1. Too bad there's a bit of stress between the Drs and you get stuck in the middle, but how very exciting!! So close to seeing your little one!!

  2. That's so funny (not in a ha-ha, but how funny, me too kind of way) because that's just how my OBs are with my peri. Neither would ever say anything actually revealing about how they feel about the other, but I definitely know my OBs stance on my peri (that he's sort of macho and conceited and is taking a risk by going at 38 weeks!) and my peri's stance on them (that they are too rule-bound and not necessarily taking ME into account and need to get over it!)...Ever since that whole switch to NOTHING before 39 weeks unless ABSOLUTELY necessary thing with FACOG came up this year, that's just how my docs have been too...every appointment: "Has he changed his mind? Feel like we can go to 39 yet?" And every appointment is, "NOPE. Maybe we'll go 38 and a couple of days!" And what can they do? He's sort of in charge, and he's delivering, so....With Matthew, he was recommending they induce at 39 weeks and they made me go almost to 41. If they hadn't called me in early, I WOULD have been 41w1d!

    Anyway...I get it....and in calculating--realize we could have them on the same day! I'm 34 weeks Monday, but we are looking at something in the 38th week...the 3rd is 38 and we are looking at the 3-6th!!!! Cool, huh?

  3. Lori- Funny, I think it must be a control thing! (In my case, it's two men, you know how men are about control! lol) And I think it's awesome that our boys could share a birthday!