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Tuesday, April 20, 2010


That's right, peeps! Twelve embryos. I had a freak out this morning and called to see if we don't get good quality embryos (we had a problem with the second cycle, but not the first), if the RE would okay putting 3 in instead of 2. He said yes! So, all in all, I'm feeling pretty damn good about all of this!!!

On another note, I am super bloated! I spoke with the nurse this morning and she said its just because they got so many eggs. I've been downing water all day, and hope she's right, and that I'm not headed towards OHSS!!! Right now, I look pregnant, or like I am full of gas! It's pretty uncomfortable, but I'm hoping it gets better.

I go in Thursday at 1:45pm for my transfer!!!


  1. You are the embryo queen!! How absolutely fantastic - come one Thursday!!

  2. 12!! That is awesome! I'll be thinking about you tomorrow and sending you lots of luck!!

  3. Holy cow, that's an AWESOME fertilization rate! I am so, so happy for you!! I can't wait for the transfer!

    As far as fending off OHSS - I know this sounds backwards, but eat a ton of salt. My RE was pretty sure at my retrieval that I'd get OHSS, so he recommended McDonald's fries, chicken noodle soup, pretzels, chips - anything that is salty. I still got severe OHSS, but that's incredibly rare - watch out for trouble breathing, excessive weight gain, etc. My RE had me weigh myself and measure around my stomach every day.