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Friday, April 9, 2010

Stims....Day 1

Today was day 1 of stims. Just like last cycle, I didn't get my period, so on day 14 of Lupron (Wednesday) they had me call in, and they ordered blood work for Thursday morning. I got the call yesterday afternoon, all systems go! So yesterday, they lowered my Lupron to 5 units, and tonight I started my stims. This cycle I'm on: 75 units Luveris, 375 units Gonal F, and 5 units Lupron. Tonight was the first attempt at mixing all of these together. Um, that's a BIG ASS shot! C gave me the shot and did the mixing. Of course I got my period today. Or as they call it "the Lupron bleed". I'm feeling tired and yucky and crampy, but I'm so happy we're moving forward and I'm finally on the stims. I called my nurse last Friday in a panic, because the patient education nurse was away and I still hadn't gone over the mixing procedure. I told her I might get my period any day, it was due Friday, and since the patient education nurse was out until Tuesday, I needed to be "educated by her". She then tells me, that I won't be starting stims until next weekend anyway and that the education nurse will be back Tuesday. I was so confused. Why wouldn't I be starting until next weekend??? Well, it finally came out that they only start people on stims on the weekend?!? OH!!! She said most places batch patients which I've heard of before, but they start patients on a weekend. Apparently it's theoretically supposed to reduce the amount of transfers on a weekend?! Ok. I guess they just maintain you on the Lupron until the weekend if you get your period during the week.

I'm very excited and optimistic about this cycle. I just wanted to ask that everyone please keep us in your prayers. There has been a lot of heartache and pain on our journey to this point, and I'm praying this is it.


  1. Eeeek! How exciting!! I will most definitely be praying!! Can't wait to hear all the good things that happen this cycle!

  2. Thanks Jennifer! I'm really being positive!

  3. I'm so, so happy for you!! How weird is it to be excited for hot flashes and mood swings - but I'm so glad for you!

  4. praying this is your cycle. :)