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Monday, April 5, 2010


I've always loved all Holidays. I love them because they give you time to surround yourself with friends and family. They give me a warm and fuzzy feeling. Well, as I've mentioned before, we didn't celebrate Thanksgiving, Christmas, or New Years this year. We felt like there wasn't much to celebrate. Yesterday was much of the same, but I did buy Easter baskets for C, and his dad who lives with us, B. I bought a big turkey, since non of us like ham, and I had big ideas about cleaning the house and relaxing all day. That didn't happen. C wanted my help out in the damn Barn, measuring where something needs to go, and the 20 minutes turned into 4 hours. AND a huge fight, of course.

We ended up eating at 8:30pm and today, I'm mourning the Easters of my childhood. I miss those days. And I'm vowing from now on to make all the holidays special, because I enjoy them!!!!


  1. I'm so glad that you are going to take the time to enjoy the holidays, to do something that means something to you. You DESERVE that, and your little boy would want that for you, too.

  2. I love holidays too and also think that it's important to make them special. As much as my holidays right now aren't how I planned them, I choose to celebrate them surrounded by those I love. Maybe someday they will be more like I really want them to be.

  3. Holidays can be crazy even without loss and infertility.... I feel like I want to join the land of the living again. The "normal" people who enjoy themselves or at least seem to. I used to be one of those people.