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Monday, April 26, 2010

Monday- 7 Days till Beta!!

I am so exhausted, I think it's from the Crinone. I have definitely had some ovary pain and cramping on Saturday and a little yesterday. The boobs are starting to get sore and feel heavy, too. The boobs could definitely be from the Crinone as well.  The fact that it gives you pregnancy symptoms is like a sick joke. I mean here I am analyzing every twing, and then I have to keep reminding myself of the damn Crinone!

So.....I week from today! I know that really I probably wouldn't be feeling any symptoms yet anyway, those little babies would be just snuggling in.

I've entered the stage where I'm afraid this isn't going to work. I still feel really positive, but what if it doesn't? I guess we just go forward. I'm a planner. I really like to know my next move. Unfortunately with this, there's so much waiting!

I'm just going to stay positive and pray that this is it.


  1. there's no reason why this shouldn't work. you said it yourself - 3 perfect embryos were transferred! reading the many blogs that i do, i feel like some cramping always leads to ahigher success rate than no symptoms. so you're in good shape and i hope the next week goes by super fast for you ... that beta and the bfp will be here before you know it :o)

  2. Praying with you...oh by the way you referenced Dr. B in a previous that Dr. B at Boston IVF? He is the RE we saw here.

  3. Thanks everybody! And yes, Jessica, it's the Dr. B from Boston IVF, although oddly enough there are two Dr. B's...same last name not related! Strange. Our Dr. B's first name is Brian. He's been awesome. I don't think we could have made it this far without him. Especially after we lost Wyatt, he made sure he checked EVERYTHING.

  4. I have been praying for you so much! I just have such good, positive feelings for you for this cycle. There just seems to be so much positivity - I'm sending you hugs!! :)

  5. It all sounds good. While you are waiting for your results, stay positive and strong by doing activities that require a lot of concentration, take good care of yourself, use meditation or yoga to relax you and spend time with people who you recognize can energize you and stay away from people who drain you.

    I hope your days fly by and you get a positive result next week.

    lisa (ICLW #65 yourgreatlife)

  6. Waiting another week is going to be so tough. I am really hoping your results are positive next week!