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Thursday, May 6, 2010


It didn't double, it didn't triple, it more than quadrupled!! 556!! I said to C this morning, I hope it's near 600...and I was shocked to hear it is. My little Loven.ox baby (ies???) is (are) doing awesome! I knew the first number was great, but I found myself holding my breath this morning as I walked int the Quest. And then after 1:00 I started looking at the time every few minutes.

My ultrasound is scheduled for 9:45am on Monday the 17th. I can't wait.

I started my Loven.ox on Monday night and so far no bruises. C has been giving me the shots and he is seriously a pro. I just have a speck where I was pricked which isn't so bad, because then you can see where yesterday's shot was. They are semi painful, but I really don't care! It's a welcome to me in 8 months, I may be over it then. The cost of the Loven.ox is a whole other story. My insurance, which is an expensive plan, has crappy prescription coverage. I had to write what I would basically term a begging letter to the insurance company to switch to another plan that has better coverage. We'll see, the woman said it takes a few weeks to hear from them.

As far as it goes with my sister, JA, after my initial freak out, I realized that it will be nice to have a niece or nephew that is so close to my child's age. And there really is nothing about her pregnancy that will take away from me. She is already having a hard time, because our youngest sister, A, told her she was crazy to have a child right now, and she told her father-in-law who said "That's nice.". Her and my brother-in-law have a son, who's 7. She got pregnant with him unexpectedly at 21 and they've definitely had their struggles as a family over the past seven years. She seemed really upset that no one seems excited for her. She is an amazing mom, and even though they weren't planning this, and maybe right now isn't the best time financially, I know that she really wants this baby and is really excited. We have different moms, but the same dad. Our dad passed away 16 years ago, he was awesome, her mother on the other hand is not what I'd call a good mom. She has hardly any involvement with with my nephew, and I can only imagine what her response will be to this. I am blessed with a mom who is one of my best friends. I told her I'm excited for her.

I am now going to rest before making dinner, I'm exhausted! I forgot how tired I get in the beginning!


  1. Oh, my gosh, that's fantastic! That sure sounds like babIES to me, but I can't wait for your ultrasound!! :)

  2. Wow!!! Congratulations. I cannot wait until the 17th to hear how many you have in there!!

  3. This is great news!! I actually find the Love.nox hurts as your belly grows. Mine is starting to grow and the shots don't really hurt anymore. I used to not like it so much, but now I am realizing how easy it is and no pain so just give it some time. *Hugs*

  4. Thanks everyone! I can't wait for the ultrasound!!!