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Saturday, May 8, 2010

6 Months

Today is Wyatt's 6 month birthday. Happy Birthday beautiful boy. We miss you so much.

I definitely had a hard time last night. C had taken a 1/2 day and gone to lunch with a friend and then when I finally called him at around 6:30 (because he still wasn't home) it seemed like he was having a lot of fun and not ready to come home yet. I kind of freaked out, because he's been helping me with my Loven.ox shots and I hadn't done it on my own yet. I've given myself plenty of shots, but I was really nervous about giving this one. It went fine. I actually feel better about everything now, because it's not frightening at all! I think I did a damn good job!

I'm feeling nauseous after I eat pretty much anything, which is fine with me, it's like a little bit of reassurance. The boobs are also pretty sore, and I've been getting heartburn. I have some aching in my lower abdomen off and on, it's not cramping, almost like a feeling you'd get after working out too much, just lower down. I had the same thing with Wyatt, so I hope this is a good sign. We love you HIP baby (ies)!!! (HIP, because the embryos were graded HIP (High Implantation Probability).)


  1. Do you have a Whole Foods near you? I just found pretzel baguettes there at the bakery/sweets counter. The nausea was gone almost immediately. Hardly anything sounds good to me right now, but I think this might become a staple.

    EDD is 10Jan11. I think you might be a day ahead of me. And with your numbers, I'm wondering if you've got two in there.

    I am sending you, C, and Wyatt love today. ♥

  2. Sending Wyatt love in Heaven, and remembering him here with you.

    Isn't it amazing when you're so grateful for feeling icky? :)

  3. Happy 6 months to Wyatt! Your nickname is cute. :)

  4. Thinking of you and Wyatt!!

    Feeling icky is such a good sign :)