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Friday, May 28, 2010


First of all, I am so far behind on my blog reading that I feel horrible! I will catch up this weekend! Secondly, I've wanted to write every night this week, but I've been too damn tired. I've been falling asleep on the couch really early. It's just been a crazy week. I quit work a little early today because my back is absolutely killing me. I'm posting from my iPhone...too tired to go upstairs and get my computer!

We met with the OB on Monday and I loved him. He seems really great. He has a small practice, and seems very hands on, which I really liked. He took almost an hour out of his day to do a meet and greet with me, he's going to send me to a specialist for my 18 week ultrasound which is great and he's wants to see me every two weeks instead of once a month. I felt comfortable there which is a big deal to me, too. Desicion made!

I have my 8 week ultrasound on Tuesday. I can't wait to see him/her. The nausea has gotten worse. I've actually thrown up a few times now. And it's pretty constaant...even when I drink water! (I am NOT complaining! Just sharing! Symptoms are good!) With Wyatt it was mostly dry heaving. Hopefully it'll ease up when Dr. B takes me off the Crinone on Tuesday.

My official due date is 1/10/2011. C and I actually stopped at Babies R' Us the other day so I could show him some stuff. He was amazed at how much everything cost! Too funny, but I guess he really doesn't have a baseline....he NEVER shops for anything other than tools!

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  1. Oh, the fatigue! I was so glad when it went away, but then so "ugh" when it came back! It's funny - no matter how much rest you get, it's never enough!! The nausea is awful, as glad as you might be for it - they put me on Zof.ran to control it (so that the vomiting didn't put pressure on my cervix - I threw up a ton with Maddie), so don't be afraid to talk to your doctor if it gets out of control.

    I love that they are going to keep such a close eye on you, hon! That's so great - it will not only make it safer for baby, but will help YOU feel better! I can't wait to see u/s pictures!

  2. Now we are due date twins! :D :D :D

    I've been falling asleep early all week, too. I'm nauseous ALL the time, but it seems the throwing up has stopped.

    We also have an u/s on Tuesday. :) And I'm really glad to hear about your OB. I think we get released this week, and I know nothing about OBs. I'm glad you get appts every two weeks, as I'm hoping for some sort of arrangement like that.

  3. I'm pretty far behind, too! I hope all was well yesterday with your ultrasound and I really hope you have a picture you could put up!
    And awesome about the doctor - mine saw me every 2 weeks in the beginning, but then tapered off to less as I was feeling the baby move. What's important is keeping you comfortable and calm!

  4. Hi! I've been pretty far behind too...sorry!! SO glad you found a doctor you like - yay!!!