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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Sea Bands

Tonight, while, I was waiting for my Lovenox script, feeling super crappy and I remembered those Sea bands. I've heard people talk about them and when I was pregnant with Wyatt, I kept meaning to try them. Well, I think they're actually working! I didn't toss my cookies after dinner and I didn't feel like death! I do of course look like an 80's rocker, but that's ok.

My appointment with Dr. B went really, really well. The baby was measuring exactly right and the heartbeat was 156. I do have an ultrasound pic and I'll scan it tomorrow, I completely forgot today. He's going to keep me until 10 weeks, so my last ultrasound will be June 15th and then I see Dr. P, the OB, on the 16th. I felt so much better seeing that little heart on the monitor.

While we were waiting for the ultrasound, a couple came out and the woman was crying, very silently. (There's a lot of seeing someone and then going back out into the waiting room to see someone else.) I felt so bad for her. I wanted to console her, obviously not appropriate, but I felt like just letting her know that she wasn't alone. Her husband kept getting up like he didn't know what to say to her. Sometimes I wish that the waiting rooms were full of people telling you their stories and sharing and supporting one another, but instead we all sit there, quiet, almost pretending like this is not really going on, and we're here to get our teeth cleaned. I'm usually a pretty open person, but I've never gotten the feeling that anyone there wants to talk to me. Only once did someone say something to me, it was at the ultrasound place near my house that the clinic sends us to. I was waiting in there with this woman, and she kept smiling. She had the appointment right before me, when she was leaving I said good luck! She stopped and smiled and said that she always figures when she sees some in there for the first morning ultrasound appointments who's our age, but no one ever says anything! She said "We're all in the same boat, it's sad, and it's hard. Thanks. Good luck to you, too."

On another subject, my youngest sister, A, got engaged tonight!!! She's so cute, she texted me a picture of her hand with the ring on it! I'm siked for her, they've been together forever and she has been DYING for this moment. 


  1. I have the same reaction about the waiting room. It's like you want to talk but you just can't do it. A newbie actually commented on that during our last cycle to another woman sitting next to her (the office was packed), and I remember thinking about how there was this unwritten code of conduct that we don't really need.

    I also remember a day where the u/s didn't show my follicles to be where I wanted them to be, and I just couldn't hold in the tears. I walked out into that lobby embarrassed that I was crying, but I realized that in no other place in the city would so many people understand my tears. So I owned them and moved on.

    Glad to hear the heartbeat was great! I might have to check out these nausea bands! Today's new symptom was diarrhea. :( :( :(

  2. I am happy to hear the sea bands are working and great news about everything looking just as it should be with your baby!!

    Congrats on your sister getting engaged!! How exciting!! You have so many happy events to look forward to!

  3. The waiting room can be a scary place to be. I remember saying to my husband yesterday after my appt that thank god I am pregnant because the chairs were literally full of "bellies."

    Congrats to your sis!!

  4. I remember going to my postnatal OB appointment after Maddie was born - just seeing all of those pregnant women was so hard. IVF clinics are so hard because everyone there has gone through so much to be there. You're such a sweet, kind woman.

    I hope the Seaband thingies continue to work! I never tried those, but my doctor tried B6 and Unisom tablets with me (due to our cerclage, we ended up putting me on a prescription, but those made a dent). I am just so happy for you, though!

  5. Hoping the Seabands keep working. It stinks to be in the room when someone comes out crying. It's even worse to be the one crying. You are sweet to want to comfort her. So excited that things are moving along well for you. :)