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Thursday, January 14, 2010


At about 1:00 I called the woman who deals with the insurance and left a message. By 2:55, I was thinking it was definitely a lost cause. I called the Nurse, because I didn't know if they'd even be able to get the meds to me in time. I'm pretty sure my message made no sense at all! And then as soon as I hung up....the phone rang and it was the insurance lady! They approved me! They actually approved me for two cycles, but I'm praying we just need the one. And now I'm waiting for a call from the Nurse that everything is all set up....

Also...I am SUPER thankful that I live in a state where insurance has to cover IVF!!!!


  1. Well, I'm kinda ticked at myself for not reading this first - but this is great!! That's just awesome! Will you start Lupron ASAP? I want lots of update posts! :)

    I'm so jealous of the insurance coverage! I'd seriously consider moving to Chicago if we had to go through a fresh cycle again!

  2. After a complete mess with the pharmacy calling me after I already gave them my credit card to ask if they could charge it!?!? They got it out at the last possible moment. I will be starting my Lupron tomorrow!!! I'm so excited!

    I have to say, as far as insurance goes, Massachusetts is great!

  3. I live in NH where Infertility is not mandated, but I work for an insurance company so I hear about the great things that are mandated in neighboring states like Mass and CT. Its a great thing!!

    Congrats on the approval!!