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Saturday, January 2, 2010

A New Year

New Year's Eve wasn't as sad as Christmas was. I feel like the new year gives me a new start. Original, huh? I actually don't think that I've really ever felt this way before. There's also this little part of me that knows all my hopes could be dashed if I don't get a BFP during my next cycle. I just somehow know that I'm going to get pregnant soon. It's this feeling that I have. I didn't even has this feeling when I did the cycle where I got pregnant with Wyatt.
C and I are in the process of building a barn on our property. Well, he calls it a barn, it's really a gigantic garage with an apartment over it. He is going to move all his tools into the garage space, and then have space upstairs to hang out. I HATE this project! The whole time I was pregnant with Wyatt, he made me feel bad that I couldn't be out there slaving away for him. I really would not mind helping if we could get along long enough to accomplish something. We cannot work together. He gets really mean when he's working, and says rude things. I inevitably end up crying and then we end up in a huge fight. Somehow he assumes I'm a contractor, and I should know what he's talking about! Well, the plaster is done and now everything needs to be painted. Which C thinks we should do ourselves. Notice the word "we". Like I said I would be happy to help if I thought that we could really do this together. We've painted together before. It never goes well. Mainly because I'm not "professional" enough. I reminded him that I am going to start my cycle in February and I will not be involved in this during the two week wait! We'll have to see how this pans out.
On another note, my damn ear infection is back! I've already gone through two courses of antibiotics and it goes away and then comes back! It's very painful, and with this damn holiday weekend, I'll be lucky to get into my Doctor by mid week. I guess I'm just having a semi-down day.


  1. I'm so sorry that it's such a struggle to do projects together. My husband and I learned from painting our dining room that we would be hiring that out in the future! :)

    I hope your day gets better!

  2. *hugs* sometimes working with my husband can be a challenge as well.