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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Good Hormones...

Sooo.....the nurse finally called me at 4:15, and my levels were great! And so we're moving forward!!! Yay! My Lupron dose is down to 5 units. And tonight is just Lupron. Tomorrow is 5 units of Lupron and 225 of Gonal F. Same dose Sunday and then a blood test Monday.

I am so happy to finally be moving to stims. And now, I'm exhausted from a sick husband and not enough sleep last night. Good night!!!


  1. Congrats!!! I'm so happy for you - I just knew that all would be well! Congrats on starting stims! I never used Gonal F, but I've heard that it has great responses. Bring on the hot flashes! ;)

  2. hooray for good news!! Glad all is progressing forward. :)