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Friday, January 15, 2010

Day 21.....

So, today is day 21!!! My first day of Lupron, 10 units. I had a slight freakout last night, when I came downstairs at 7:30 from my shower to find a message on my phone saying that they were not going to be shipping the meds, because they needed my approval to charge my credit card. The whole thing was ridiculous. I had spoken with the woman at 6:00 ish and had been VERY clear that I absolutely needed to get these meds for today. I went so far as to have her put a not on there that if for some reason it didn't make the UPS truck to call me, so I could drive up there and pick them up. Now I had also given her my credit card. Which, if you ask me, means that you can charge it!!!! Anyway, they somehow got it on the truck, and it arrived this morning.

My new insurance, I switched plans since the last cycle when I got pregnant with Wyatt, does not seem to have good prescription coverage. It covers most things, but I have a 50% co-pay on some tier 2 and  I think all tier 3 drugs. I really can hardly believe how expensive the damn drugs are! Even with my 50% co-pay, the Lovenox will be about $15 a day! That's A LOT over 9 months, but worth every penny!!! Really nothiing to complain about, since I live in a state that has one of the best insurance mandates for fertility treatment!

On an entirely different note, we have the painters here today, and they've already done a coat of primer in the upstairs of the barn, and are prepping the first floor. My husband is of course all up in arms about this, because he thinks that he could have done it just as fast and saved himself some money. Apparently I'm discouraging! Too funny! The thing is, when he takes on projects somehow, they never seem to go as smoothly as he thinks they will. And then there were the thousands of dollars he wanted to spend on professional painting equipment??? Believe me, this is a bargain!!!! He still has all the trim to put up, he'll be plenty busy...


  1. Congrats on starting the Lupron!! :) Bring on the headaches and hot flashes, right? I'm so happy for you - what a bunch of drama for you to just receive it, but I know it's going to be great! That's too bad about the prescription coverage.

    I hope that hopefully the painters are done and gone quickly for you, so that it causes the least amount of stress possible for you!

  2. Thanks! Yeah, bring on the hot flashes and the headaches!! :-)...I'm hoping the whole drama is over in the barn soon, too!