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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Embryos Aboard! (11 Days)

We got there early this morning, because I had the acupuncture before the transfer. The acupuncture was fine. Didn't hurt at all and I felt pretty relaxed afterwards. I was laying face down and he put needles in my neck, my lower back and my ankles. Then he left me for about 30 minutes.

When we got into the waiting area for the transfer, the nurse did gave us our instructions, and then said something about not taking an HPT because of the trigger shot, etc, etc. C said that I'd done one last time and it was negative and she asked if it was right, and I said no. Then she said...and with hesitation..."Did you have a baby?" I said that we had lost him at 26 weeks. She says "Oh? What happened? That's horrible!"

I told her about the MTHFR, etc. Then she says "My son was born at 26 weeks. He's 22 now. So, I kind of know what you went through. It was really hard."
I mean seriously?!?!? Are people this fucking stupid? Um, no you don't know what we went though! Your son is ALIVE. Don't worry she wasn't done causing problems. She then smiles brightly (complete idiot!) and says "Well, you have one Highest quality embryo, so you guys should do great."

I started freaking out. I asked about any other embryos and said that they were supposed to be transferring two!!! Now, all of a sudden she can't say, and the Dr. will be right in!! She left us both speechless. C looked like he was going to cry. I felt like I could throw up. So much for the relaxing acupuncture. It took like ten minutes for the Dr. to come in and in that time C, who is my "glass is half empty, and what is left will probably spill" guy was really upset. I mean so was I kind of, but I think I was more upset about him being upset. I tend to not get upset about things until I'm sure that they're are worthy of my emotions. I felt like until I heard the Dr. say it, I wasn't going to really freak. The nurse was clearly an idiot.

The Dr. finally graced us with his presence. It wasn't Dr. B. He said that we had one HIP (Highest Implantation Probability) 8 cell embryo, and one 7 cell with slight fragmentation. All in all good embryos. The other 4 were all 5 and 4 cell embryos and they only freeze 6 cell and up, so they were discarded. This made C really upset, too. I felt like I'm not trying to stockpile embryos here, we already have 3 on ice for a frozen cycle for our third child (assuming-please,please,please-that I get pregnant from this transfer.).

The transfer itself went smoothly. I had the second round of acupuncture after. This time I lay on my back and he put needles in my forehead, the top of my head, my abdomen, my wrist and ankles.

C and I talked on the way home and I showed him the stuff from the clinic on embryo grading when we got home and he seems to feel a lot better. Last time all of our embryos that matured were the highest grade and I think that C is just so worried that this cycle will fail he just wanted everything to be perfect. I understand his fear. I'm afraid, too, but I have no reason to think that we aren't going to be pregnant in 11 days!!! The count down has begun!!!


  1. Thinking of you - what awesome grading reports! I'm so sorry that this nurse was so disruptive to you guys emotionally. I'm glad that all was good in time for the transfer!

  2. Counting down 11 days with you...hoping for a BFP!!