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Friday, February 5, 2010


Why is it that the people at my lab suck so much at drawing blood? I look like a drug addict with my bruised arms. And the lady who's been doing my ultrasounds is just plain mean. She seems annoyed that she has to do them. Can you tell that I am grumpy today? I don't go to the IVF Clinic for this stuff, because it's an hour and a half away, but they are so much nicer there!!! And good at the blood drawing.

And now, for the results!...I have 6 follicles on the right side ranging 14-17.5, and one on the left at 12.5. She said there are a bunch more that are still small on both sides, but they could measure up. They've got me coming in for an ultrasound and blood again on Sunday. Which means that I get to go to the clinic. Long drive, but at least it'll be a nice environment.

I have no idea how many I had last time. I must have had this idea that it would work, period. I had no idea what was good or bad, or how many eggs I should want. They only did 2 ultrasounds last time, and I'm pretty sure the first one wasn't until day 7 of stims, and then one on day 9. I was triggered on day 9. I do remember the RE saying that I started out slowly, but rose very quickly in the end. Somehow I seem to think that there were 12 measurable follicles when they did the retrieval. I know they got 8 eggs and 5 fertilized with ICSI. We transfered 2 and froze 3.

Of course, C got me all nervous today with asking all his usual questions. He can't believe that I don't remember about last time's numbers, and he's worried that we won't get enough. In my mind we only really need two in the end. So enough so that we could freeze 1 or 2 more would be great. I'm sure it'll be fine. I would like to have enough frozen so that we could do a thaw and be relatively certain that we would get 2 out of it. My RE was very discouraging about us thawing the 3 we had left for this cycle. He said I have much better chance of getting pregnant with the fresh cycle, like a 25% chance with the frozen compared to 50% with the fresh. He also said that a lot of the time when you thaw out 3, there's a chance that only one of them will survive them thaw. We plan to try again for baby number 3 after this baby, and then we will use the frozen embryos.

Sooo...I'm thinking that I might get triggered Sunday! If not Sunday, then Monday. Just a note...if they trigger me Monday, the baby's due date will be my birthday!

I'm thinking all good thoughts and like my friend D said today "Picture it happening!".  And I am.


  1. Thinking of you! It sounds like everything is measuring just great - you have to be getting so excited and nervous! I think that's a great number of follies - I got severe OHSS, and I think it's better to have a manageable number of good follies. It's going to go great!

  2. When is your bday? If I get pregnant off my current cycle its right around my bday which is Oct 24th. :)

    The weekend lab girl is just a pain in the ass!! I understand that all too well. Hoping all goes well!!

  3. My Bday is November 3rd. I noticed in your profile that you were a Scorpio, too. My husband is November 17th, and Wyatt was born on November 8th (which was my dad's bday.), and my husband's mom's bday was the 5th. I think Scorpios rock!!

    Thanks for the good wishes, good luck tomorrow!