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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Accomplished (6 Days)

That's right...I said 6 days!!! The two week wait is such a strange thing. For these two weeks, you get to hope and dream. Hell, you get to kinda sorta be pregnant. There's no drinking, no heavy lifting and you have to take extra good care of yourself. Don't get me wrong I can't wait to actually know that I am (not even going there with I might not be) but this time around, I've decided that I don't hate the two week wait. It's letting me be hopeful, and happy-ish. Something I haven't really felt in awhile. C and I were talking last night and all of a sudden I realized how far we'd come since we lost Wyatt. For one, I'm not counting the weeks, and even though we just passed his due date which was very hard for me, for us, I found myself looking at his ultrasound pictures today and smiling. He looked just like me, and in the ultrasound you can see that he has my little nose (it looked way cuter on him!).

I'm thinking about my friend, J. She had her level 2 ultrasound yesterday and they saw a cyst on the baby's brain. There are no other marker's for anything and she had done the genetic testing with 1 in 5000 odds for chromosomal abnormalities. Both the maternal/fetal medicine specialist and her OB are reassuring that it's relatively normal about 1 in 100, and they are even saying no amnio, but of course she's still worried. And I totally get it. I know that baby is going to be just fine, but why can't things just go smoothly? Why can't everything just be perfect? Sending love and prayers to her and her husband...and that beautiful baby.


  1. I feel as if I could have written so much of this post when we were doing the transfer. I'm thinking of you and hoping with you - I'm so glad you're taking it easy and enjoying yourself!!

  2. *hugs* Thinking of you during the will be over before you know it. :)