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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Still Here

I'm still here. Thanks for the emails to check up on me. I just needed a few days to sort my head out. I got the call from the nurse yesterday, and my levels had gone down to 17.5. Honestly, I knew before she called and I was ok. I am ok. C and I were both sad that it didn't happen this time, of course, but I did a ton of crying during the two week wait. It's almost like I had already dealt with how I would feel if this didn't work.

I really want to move forward. In a strange way, even though the news was bad, it was a relief from being in limbo. We have a teleconference with my RE on Tuesday, and I also have another blood draw Tuesday to make sure my levels are down.

I want to thank everyone for cheering me on through all of this...and don't put your pom poms down yet! We're going to try again as soon as we can. I'm going back and forth about doing an FET (frozen embryo transfer) and another fresh cycle. My doctor is very discouraging about the frozen cycles, but there certainly are a lot of babies out there from frozen embryos. We'll see....


  1. Shit. I'm sorry. I wish you had been one of those great stories...
    I do know some FET sucesses out there. I'll be cheering you on no matter what!

  2. Thanks Cheryl, you're I wanted to be a great story, too, but you know when you just have a feeling about something? I'm looking forward!!!

  3. I meant... yeah, I wanted to be a great story, too.

  4. *huge hugs* I am so sorry. Thinking of you. Praying for you. :)