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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Not the news I wanted...

The nurse called at around 2. She started droning on about numbers, etc. from the tone in her voice I was just expecting a simple "Sorry, you got a negative.", but my number was 34. With Wyatt it was 191. They like to see at least 50. So, she seemed to basically be saying abandon all hope, and that it would be great if my numbers are going down on Saturday at my second test. Then she said something about it being possible that I could see my numbers rise slowly, but that wouldn't really mean that there was a chance that this could be a viable pregnancy.
I of course cried and cried and so did C. He's very upset. There's nothing I can do. And looking online, in one of the groups I read on Baby center, there are two people who had low first Betas and are still pregnant. It's definitely not unheard of. I called and left the nurse a message, because I want to ask some more questions.


  1. I'll keep thinking about you and sending you lots of hope.

  2. Sorry the news wasn't more encouraging. Hoping things turn around!

  3. I'm sending you hugs and love. I am also sending hope - I would definitely ask lots of questions about what it means if the numbers double, etc.

  4. definately not all hope is lost....34 is indicative of pregnancy so I am going to pray the numbers double. :) My ob always told me anything above 5. *hugs*